Mill Creek

Mill Creek Roper Pond, Photo courtesy Associated Engineering

Spencer Environmental Management Services Ltd. has provided clients with independent environmental assessment advice for over 30 years. The company was formed in Alberta in 1984 with the specific mission of providing clients with services in environmental assessment and environmental planning.

Spencer Environmental foresaw a future regulatory regime where federal, provincial and municipal governments would increasingly adopt environmental assessment legislation and policies and where many proposed projects would be subject to some form of environmental assessment. The proactive environmental assessment process is one of the strongest and most cost-effective tools available to environmental management. Environmental assessment assists development projects in minimizing adverse environmental impacts and capitalizing on the positive impacts.

We are proud to have assisted in projects that support growth in a manner that sustains the environmental features that we, our clients, and society, value. In the Province of Alberta, we have created a legacy of projects now operating with minimal environmental effect and favorable regulatory relationships. Several of those projects have been recognized for their environmental achievements with Emerald Award nominations and other industry awards, such as the Consulting Engineers of Alberta Showcase Awards.

The firm's range of services has expanded to include environmental protection planning and environmental policy development. The professionalism of Spencer Environmental's scientists and the thoroughness of its assessments and reports have earned the firm a reputation of dependability and integrity with clients and regulatory agencies alike. Spencer Environmental undertakes projects of all scales and approvals for projects facing regulatory challenges.